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2D / Animation / Flame / Live Action

We at WoodShop love a good deal, so when OKRP asked us to collaborate on bringing Chili’s 3 for $10 deal to screen, well, we couldn’t resist! From the jump, we focused our attention on creating a spot that showcases lick-the-screen appetite appeal with a background and “look” that differentiates the brand from the competition while highlighting the variety of Chili’s menu. Bacon burgers, cajun pastas, and chicken crispers – mouthwatering is an understatement, but we did our best to keep things from getting too slippery. A good jingle is so rare these days, but not here. We had a blast designing our edit and graphics around a tune diners aren’t soon to forget. We look forward to working with OKRP and Chili’s again soon. Come back, baby back, baby back!

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