Our Team

WoodShop is representative of the creative and strategic minds of its founders, alongside an incredible team who operate as a finely-tuned machine fueled by hard work, good spirits and absolute attention to detail.

Partner / Executive Producer

Sam Swisher occupies the mythologized position of being an executive producer that has actually executed on every level of production. Believe it: after starting his career as an Agent Trainee at CAA, Sam transitioned into production and development at Jersey Films, before moving on to Propaganda. Yearning for some production experience, Sam began PAing in commercials, working his way up to line producing. Live action led to post, where he served as the EP and Head of Sales for photo real VFX company Public VFX. In 2009, Sam teamed up with Trevor Shepard to launch WoodShop, the culmination of a lifelong mission to perfect quality craftsmanship and content development. So yeah, Sam knows production.

Partner / Director

Trevor’s attention to detail might be surprising given his good-natured, laid-back Southern roots. But take it from us, this mastery has been cultivated over time and to a T. Trevor’s creative origins started as a designer/animator and art director at companies like Stardust, Blind and Motion Theory. From there, Shepard went on to help form Elastic where he served as Creative Director. Over the course of his career, he’s worked with notable brands like Microsoft, Nike, Toyota, AT&T, Visa, Pepsi, Doritos, and on lauded films like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” In the past six years at WoodShop, he’s transitioned from designer/animator to food director, bringing that same well-honed attention to detail and varied background to the category, disrupting the status quo to present some downright stunning products.