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Working on Arby’s has been a mouth-watering joy. From the first storyboard drawn to the last shot of the day, the whole process not only whets the appetite – it makes us grateful to be working with such a talented team as the one at Fallon. There’s really nothing better than finding a great creative partner, just like how there’s nothing better than a perfectly cut steak. Unless you consider a deliciously seared slice of turkey or a temptingly smoked-and-sauced brisket. But why not have all three? Working on the Eat The Screen campaign, and developing the extreme macro work that’s proven so unbelievably craveable, has proven that Arby’s not only has the meats – they have a real respect for their product and our stomachs too. We couldn’t be happier to be working with them. But who could blame us? The Bourbon BBQ Sandwich is the best cheeseburger we’ve ever had.

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