“Yup It’ll Fit” Director’s Cut

“Yup It’ll Fit” Social Media

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“Yup It’ll Fit” Director’s Cut

Animation / Design / End Tag / Flame / Food / Stop Motion

For Reynolds Wrap, we were tapped to inject some youth and life into a trusted brand that has you covered no matter the task. Conceived as an ode to sandwiches, we designed a stop motion extravaganza complete with unexpected transitions, optimistic lighting, and cut-on-the-beat visuals that proves tin foil stands the test of any lunchtime adventure, no matter the size or shape—take that, plastic bags. We had a lot of fun wrapping up anything we could get our hands on—bananas, honey bears, our co-workers. In the end, we created two spots, as well as social content for Facebook and Snapchat. We stretched our imaginations on what foil can do. And what did we learn? While wrapping up a foot-long sub may be one small step for foil, it’s one big leap for lunchtime prep!

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